Finding creative solutions for our clients since 2005!

Who are we?

VersaClaim, Inc. was founded in 2005.  We are a boutique firm located in Austin, Texas.   Just like our name suggests, we are a very versatile company.  If there is a health insurance claim involved, we can handle it. 


We know everything there is to know about benefits, claims, provider billing, collections, claims payments and how it all works together creating a system that only a handful of us in America can understand.  Getting health insurance is only a part of the equation.  Making sure your health insurance claims are paid appropriately is the key.  We can make sure you or your company get the appropriate benefits and realize all that they offer.


Since 2005, we have worked with companies, individuals, insurance companies, healthcare providers and law firms.  They have all turned to us to help them with their benefits.  Please click on the "Contact Us" and speak with Ken Stephenson to see if we can help you.